Reducing elephant-sized gov’t will provide cash to pay Assembly Members

Former President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama has disclosed how he intends to paying allowances to Assembly Members across the country with a lean government.

The NDC flagbearer has said that his next will be paying Assembly members across the country and also offer them the needed training to build their capacity to make them resourceful in their various communities.

The former President noted that in paying Assembly Members, there is the need to just reduce the elephant-sized government.

He said monies expended on such human resources if cut off will help government pay allowances to Assembly members.

He said when he met the Association of Assembly member in his office that “One of the most pleasant news to your ears was my proposal to pay allowances to Assembly members. We will drastically reduce the size of government at the centre and that includes all these 125 ministers and thousands of people parading as presidential staffers. The money that we save will be sufficient to remunerate Assembly members but we will find other sources to make sure that the remuneration is handsome”.

According to him, the role of Assembly members in the governance process cannot be done away with and there is therefore the need for collaborating with them to ensure communities enjoy the needed development.

“We intend to work with you so that you are able to live up to your responsibility as community development agents and the point of social contact in the community. We have a very strong responsibility to maintain peace and unity in our communities.”

Source: Ayeh Offei-Akoto/2020

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