Maternity leave: Sandra Ankobiah shares tips on why 3 months is not enough [ARTICLE]

According to her, although she hasn’t been loud with her idea, women should be allowed to have all the time they need after giving birth.

The Lawyer was answering a question posed to her on why she is against the three months of maternity leave for women.

She explained that the leave period is not enough, noting that every woman is different and may have different situations.

“I think women should take as much time as they need. Every woman is different and every situation is different, so we shouldn’t put a timeline on how much time a woman needs to be away,” she said.

Adding that “I think we should be able to put certain structures in place where women can work from home or reduce the workload. I just mean we should make women comfortable enough to work at their own pace and decide when it’s right for them to come back to work.”

Sandra emphasized that she is against the timelines laid down for women to return to work after giving birth.

“So I am against putting an actual timeline, like six months or a year or anything like that. Let’s allow women to decide for themselves when they are comfortable or ready to come back to work,” she concluded.

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