My new challenge may seem scary but we’ll win

Celebrated Broadcast Journalist, Kofi Adomah has downplayed doubts that Angel FM in Accra will become a household name in the coming days.

Most Social Media users are doubtful of Angel FM living up to the hype it has received these few days with the inclusion of kofi-adomah as-head-of-news and Captain Smart as host of Morning Show.

But reacting to the ‘doubting Thomases’, Kofi Adomah said he sees joining the Angel Broadcasting Network as a challenge worthy of taking and he believes that he will conquer.

According to him, throughout his life all the challenges he has taken up looked scary to people but he has always gone ahead to win regardless of how herculean the task may look.

Kofi Adomah said: “In my life, all challenges that I take look scary but I win”.

Kofi Adomah further added that looking at how new the media entity is and the giants they have to compete with will scare anyone but he believes not in looking but rather working to ensure that they achieve the needed success.

Source: Ayeh Offei-Akoto/2020

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