Pastor urges Ghanaians to trust the Lord in fight against COVID-19


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Emmanuel Todd, GNA

Accra, March 25, GNA
– Prophet Daniel Adufori, Founder, Vibrant Faith Chapel Worldwide on Wednesday
urged Ghanaians to trust in the Lord for his deliverance even in the battle
against the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in the nation.

He said COVID-19 did
not know boundaries or was a respecter of persons and had defied human policies
in many developed countries hence the need to trust in God to heal the country
and the world from the pandemic.

He said this through
his facebook handle as he transmitted live from his church in Dambai as part of
the National Prayer and Fasting day declared by the President Nana Addo Dankwa
Akufo-Addo on Saturday March 21 through his nation’s address.

Prophet Adufori said
the Nation of Nenevi as recorded in the Bible called on the Lord through
fasting and prayer and the Lord delivered them, so did the Jews in the Book of
Easter call on the Lord through fasting and were delivered from death.

He said Psalm 91
assured believers of Gods divine intervention in times of plaques, epidemics
and pestilence and would not neglect his nation Ghana in such difficult moment.

“Father your nation
is looking up to you,” he said. 

The Prophet said the
church was united in prayer and by that the nation should be rest assured of
the God’s deliverance from COVID-19.

He however
encouraged viewers and citizens to trust in the Lord’s deliverance, remain
steadfast in Him as they observed preventive measures as prescribed by the
World health Organisation and directives given by the President of the republic
to curtail the spread of the virus.

Various church
platforms, media houses, individuals, were also observed streaming live prayer,
worship, praises and reflective sections through their social media handles via


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