COVID-19 will turn people massively to God – Dr Lawrence Tetteh

By Eunice Hilda Ampomah, GNA

Accra, March 25, GNA – Dr Lawrence Tetteh, the President of
the Worldwide Miracle Outreach, says the novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
will at the end of the crisis turn people across the world to God.

“Coronavirus is turning people to God like has never happened
before. The enemy might have meant it for evil, but God is turning it for our
good and even more people will turn to God by the time it ends,” he said.

He said this in a video he recorded and circulated on social
media to encourage the citizenry to make God the centre of their lives as the
nation battled with the COVID-19 outbreak.

The President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on Saturday March
21, 2020, while addressing the nation on the COVID-19, appealed to the public
to observe Wednesday March 25, 2020 as a ‘National Day of Fasting and Prayer’.

However, after having called for suspension of social
gatherings to curb the spread of the Coronavirus, churches and other religious
bodies had to resort to reaching out to their congregants via traditional and
social media platforms.

Dr Tetteh believed many people globally, who did not believe
in God would believe in His might and wondrous works and find reasons to
believe in Him by the time the global canker ended.

He quoted II Chronicles 7:14 that says: “If my people, who
are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and
turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive
their sin, and will heal their land.”

By this, he called on all to turn from every ungodly
behaviour, and take note that ‘this period is not one for destroying or
undermining other people’s credibility especially using politics’.

”I tell you that if we do this, God will make a way for us.
Coronavirus will not destroy us. We will rise above it and God will give us a
way out,” he said.

Dr Tetteh said the COVID-19 was no respector of persons, and
all humans should therefore change their ways and repent from their sins to
succeed in the fight against the dieasese.

“We’ve been too arrogant, we’ve been too proud, we’ve been
too selfish and done things our own way. But now God is telling us, none of the
developed countries can have it their own way except they believe in Him.

“The sickness is no respecter of persons and has humbled
everybody on the earth. The healing of the land won’t be done by an
ideological, medical, scientific, or political power, but by a divine
intervention from the Most High God,” he added.

Although the outbreak was disastrous, he said it had brought
all political parties together to seek the face of the Lord in its fight, which
was positive.

He encouraged all Ghanaians to come together in a massive
united front to seek the face of the Lord, to have an answer to their plight.

Ghana has since March 12, 2020 recorded 68 confirmed cases of
the COVID-19 with two deaths.


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