Integrity Advocacy Pays Courtesy Call On The Conference Of Heads Of Assisted Secondary Schools (CHASS)

The leadership of LeadAfrique International has called on the Greater Accra President of the Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools, Mr. Emmanuel Fiemawhle, to present the Basics in Integrity curriculum.

The Basics in Integrity consists of a Teachers Manual, a Student’s Reader and Animation series.

Funded by STAR-Ghana Foundation, LeadAfrique International has worked in close collaboration with the National Council of Curriculum Assessment (NaCCA) and Dr. Charles Oppong of the Department of Arts Education of the University of Cape Coast to develop this curriculum that teaches integrity in a systematic way for increased impact.

Speaking during the launch, Simon Ngigi, Managing Director, Longhorn Publishers noted among other things that, there’s the need for a collective effort to inculcate virtues and integrity in the younger generation.

He said, “we need our children to know that integrity is more than just being honest. It’s about doing what is right for the right reasons and thus we must emphasize a value-based education system in order to impart integrity and ethics in our children at a young age to allow them to become better citizens.”

Mr. Fiemawhle also expressed great interest in this call and agreed that teaching students Integrity from an early age was the right way to go in drastically reducing, if not eradicating corruption.

“If the 45 members under the CHASS umbrella will find a way to teach the value of integrity in their schools, over 50,000 children and their ecosystem will live a life of Integrity”, he explained.

We believe our collective efforts to adhere to the principles of integrity will transform every area of the society. This has been demonstrated by Jon Hunstman in building his multibillion company.

LeadsAfrique is of the view that doing the right thing,is the right thing to do which in the end will make Ghana more successful.

LeadAfrique International is advocating for the integration of the integrity curriculum in Ghanaian schools for all young people to live with Integrity. Our strategy builds on proven strategies in other countries. For example, the respected Professor PLO Lumumba co-authored thirteen books on integrity in Kenya.

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