Tech start-ups/hubs changing the narratives of technology in Ghana

Business News of Wednesday, 15 January 2020



Cowtribe provides locals with genuine and affordable animal vaccinations from large suppliers

Tech start-ups rarely succeed because of their revolutionary ideas, however, having a team committed to ensuring the business survives contributes to easing the problems society is faced with.

Many potential ideas have not seen the light of day yet there are quite a number who have stood the test of time and strived to remain relevant in the country.

As the world is gradually shifting to technology and innovations some Ghanaian individuals have taken up the challenge to solve glitches using technology and making a business out of it.

Below are some of the tech-oriented start-ups and hubs that are doing amazing in Ghana.

Soronko Academy

The main focus of Soronko Academy is on training girls to take up active roles in ICTs

Thousands of young girls have received training on programming, coding and other technological know-hows from Regina Agyare, founder of Soronko Academy.

In the past, many girls shied away from Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Those who took an interest were thought to be weird or geeks without the slightest idea the future will be tech.

She has changed the narratives by encouraging girls who have benefited from her mentorship that ICT is indeed not gender based.


Probably a relief for animal farmers, this start-up eases the stress on farmers to travels all the way to meet with veterinary officers by supplying farmers with logistics to keep their animals healthy all year round.

Despite the CowTribe being around for some years, the start-up gained massive recognition from farmers about a year ago providing locals with genuine and affordable animal vaccinations from large suppliers.

The business started in 2016 and was named winner of Seedstars Ghana and subsequently, announced plans to lead a massive campaign in 2018 to reach all the regions in Ghana within 18 months.


On the entertaining side is the Aftown Music Application is an online music store which allows music lovers to access and download records from artistes in Ghana and Africa at affordable rates.

Last year Frebruary, the company teamed up with telecommunications giants to offer artistes offer artistes substantial profits for their output.

Users from Ghana and the Diaspora at a cost of GH¢0.20 per day, GH¢0.70 per week and GH¢2.50 per month.

The app has a high chance to become like ‘iTunes’ or ‘Spotify’ where music enthusiast can play, livestream or download songs of their choice. Currently, Aftown serves 50,000 users on daily basis.


Life is about simplicity and it is a mantra innovators of online funds transfer service have taken a cue from. The app allows users to make payments and receive money while enabling store owners to accept payments. Talk about a cashless society!

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