Respect socio-cultural differences – Peace Council Board Member to youth

A Board Member of the National Peace Council, Rev. Dr. Nii Amoo Darku has stressed the need to sensitize the youth to respect the socio-cultural differences of one another.

According to him, failure to do so can jeopardize the country’s stability and peace, especially during critical exercises like elections.

He was speaking at a youth dialogue on the theme: ‘Embracing Our Differences to Promote Peace and Social Cohesion in Ghana’.

“Tolerance is something we all need to be reminded of especially in a polarized political climate society such as ours. We are indeed a very polarized country. The theme for this day’s celebration seeks to indulge the youth represented here to hold the who hold the cast for our country’s future the need for peaceful co-existence,” he said.

Rev. Dr. Nii Amoo Darku added that, “I would want to even decorate this sentiment by saying that the youth do not only hold our country’s future but our present future. In every department that we can think of, the youth are serving greatly for the betterment of the nation,” he said.


About the National Peace Council

The National Peace Council is an independent statutory national peace institution established by the eight hundred and eighteenth (818) Act of the Parliament of the Republic of Ghana, named The National Peace Council Act, 2011.

The core function of the Council is to prevent, manage, and resolve conflict and to build sustainable peace.

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