GES/NORSAAC assess gender friendly leadership structures

Rosemary Wayo, GNA

Tamale (N/R), Oct. 11, GNA – NORSAAC, a local
Non-governmental Organisation operating in the Northern Region, has
successfully assessed the Ghana Education Service (GES) gender friendly
leadership structure run at second cycle schools.

The programme, implemented in 2015, was
assessed at a learning event which was aimed at assessing the success, gaps and
limitations of the gender friendly leadership structure.

It brought together officials of GES,
Headmasters, teachers and students from selected senior high schools within the
Northern, Savannah and North East Regions.

NORSAAC and Action-Aid, after implementing
the programme named the Young Female Parliamentarian, which ran in 18 senior
high schools in the Northern Region realised that, there were inconsistencies
in female representation in senior high schools.

This led to a review with headmasters and
District Directors of Education, who confirmed that there was no uniform
structure in student leadership at the senior high level, which led to the
adoption of the gender friendly structure, where girls could contest the
positions of school prefects.

Thirty-nine schools out of 59 that adopted
the structure were monitored through data collection, which showed that, only
five out of the 39 selected schools had the structure in place where leadership
positions and processes were open to both sexes without segregation.

The analysis showed that, 13 percent of
schools that adopted the structure implemented it, yet, no female occupied the
highest position such as Senior Prefect in these schools.

Alhaji Mohammed Seidu Issah Abah, the Head
of Human Resource Unit at the Northern Regional Education Office, said there
were emphasis on the representation of females in student leadership due to the
importance attached to implementing affirmative action bill at all levels.

He said the gender friendly structure gave
girls equal opportunities to be part of leadership, to train them adequately
for taking up higher political and other leadership roles in future.

Madam Nancy Yeri, the Project Officer for
the Gender and Governance Unit of NORSAAC, said the Northern Region had been
pushing for the gender friendly structure, and indicated that the GES
considered spreading it across the country soon.

She said it was necessary for the structure
to be in full scale in senior high schools in the Northern Region, where it
began, to enhance its implementation and sustainability in other regions.


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