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A massive scandal has rocked the chairman of the Normalisation Committee of the Ghana FA, Dr Kofi Amoah, as he has been secretly recorded vowing to disqualify Wilfred Osei ‘Palmer’ Kwaku from contesting the elections of the federation months before the Tema Youth owner faced the Vetting Committee.

The audio that was recorded about three months ago during a secret meeting exposes Amoah, who was expected to be neutral in the vetting process according to FIFA laws, already vowing to throw out Palmer.

Dr Amoah was heard in the secret meeting, with a group journalists he has honed to back him in the media with positive commentary, telling them of the decision to ban Palmer from the race.

Palmer faced the Vetting Committee just last week and five days ago was told of the Vetting Committee’s decision to ban just him from the race citing the same reasons that Dr Amoah had claimed.

Even before the Vetting Committee had been set up, Amoah implied to the reporters he has hired to support in with positive commentary that he will whatever it takes to stop Palmer from contesting the race.

“Now this guy Palmer !! You signed an agreement in your signature on your club’s letterhead that you are about to transfer ! Sell some guy and whatever you gain you pay percentage to the FA. Which is in the regulations on that matter” Amoah told his friends in the media in the secret meeting.

“Wo woaton akwadaa wei 3 Million Fa 10% braaa so where is the integrity of entering into agreement an agreement which which the congress Ghana Football has so why are you not paying ?

“AND YOU WANT TO COME AND BECOME PRESIDENT I called him personally it was that time we wanted money … Am going to take action.”

The Vetting Committee three months later carried out the threat of Kofi Amoah by disqualifying him from the race.

The Tema Youth owner was disqualified from the race with the reason being that he had not paid the 10% of a transfer commission when his player Joseph Paintsil was transferred from Hungarian side Ferencvaros to Genk of Belgium.

The secret audio is threatening to taint the work of the Vetting Committee by putting the neutrality and fairness of the body assigned to vet candidates for the Ghana FA elections into serious doubt.

With Ghana undergoing reforms it is expected that honesty and fairness was expected to be the hallmark of the game going forward but the revelation shows that the Amoah-led body has ideas of continuing with the ways of the past.

Listen to the audio below:

WhatsApp Audio 2019-10-09 at 6.01.08 AM

Palmer’s disqualification came only two days after he launched a policy document which planned to raise US$90.3million to fund legacy projects which include 25 natural pitches at a cost of US$2.5 million and 10 artificial pitches at a cost of US$4million.

It will be recalled that Palmer was forced to issue a denial that he had been disqualified from the race after some media reports suggested that he had been removed from the list of aspirants.

Six candidates were, however, cleared to contest the October 25 poll, namely; Amanda Clinton, George Ankoma Mensah, Nana Yaw Amponsah, Kurt Okraku, George Afriyie and Frederick Pappoe.

In a statement issued hours after his disqualification, Palmer vowed to file an appeal concerning the decision.

He said he was informed by the Normalisation Committee that his application to contest the GFA Presidency was unsuccessful because he breached Article 33 (5) (c) of the GFA General Regulations and a decision of the Ethics Committee dated December 13, 2017.

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