‘Right hand men’ causing Ghanaian Presidents to fail

Presiding Archbishop and General Overseer of the Action Chapel International (ACI) ministry, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has observed that loyalists of Ghanaian Presidents, referred to in local parlance as’ right hand men’, are a major reason why Presidents fail to live up to expectation or fail as leaders.

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He noted, in an interview  with Paul Adom-Otchere on Good Evening Ghana, a show on Metro TV monitored by MyNewsGh.com, that loyalists of Presidents are put at strategic positions whether or not they have the capacity to deliver on the job because of their loyalty. This, he averred, leads to non-performance.

He further added that these right hand men sometimes through
spiritual manipulation serve as a blockage, preventing good persons from having
access to the President or blocking him from receiving wisdom or counsel.

” He[ the evil one] keeps hold that hold on them. He will
block and make sure that anybody who can help the President to succeed, and to
do right will be blocked out of the way. And allow those with nothing to offer
and [those] who will undermine his vision to be around. And most of the time,
it is the loyalists,” he revealed.

He then went on to explain that it is difficult to blame the
Presidents for relying on the loyalists because they always stand with the
President no matter the situation.

The solution, he disclosed, is to “remove the evil one from the sight of the king. And his throne shall be established. Thus it is only when loyalists who are a hindrance to the President are taken out that he can make progress”

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The Archbishop urged leaders to submit to the power of God
so that they can lead effectively to the benefit of the masses.

Source:MyNewsGh.com/Stephen Zoure/2019

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