Pray for Ghana – Madam Charlotte Osei ‘begs’

A former Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana, Madam Charlotte Kesson-Smith Osei, has criticised a section of the Ghanaian media for focusing on frivolous matters that are not newsworthy, urging Ghanaians to pray for the country.

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Her criticism is as a result of the publication of a story regarding a chitchat she had with a male fan and follower on and several other news portals.

Mrs Osei, who seems to be disgusted at the publication,
wonders how her friendly chat with the young male fan could be newsworthy
enough to be published on several platforms.

“When did we become so lacking in news and real issues?
A seemingly upset Mrs Osei questioned.

She has therefore appealed to Ghanaians to pray for Ghana so
we realise how blessed we are, and how be able to distinguish between what is
newsworthy and what is not.

Full statement below:

Someone please help me understand this- so a fan and a follower informs me he is getting married. I wish him a blissful married life. This translates into my ‘husband’ asking me for permission to marry another wife. This becomes newsworthy enough to be carried on several news platforms. Ghana! Who did this to us? When did we become so lacking in news and real issues? How did we lose our focus so terribly? Today, pls spare a minute and pray for Ghana. God open our eyes to see how much He has blessed our country and what should be newsworthy in this country. God help us.

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