Not a single contract sale after all

Manasseh’s recent revelations on the Public Procurement
Authority appears to lose steam with every passing day.

Not long ago, PPA Boss AB Adjei’s alleged involvement with
Talents Discoveries Limited after forensic scrutiny has revealed that the
claims by Manasseh stumbles short of the Conflict of Interest media charge
lavishly adorned on the man’s innocent head.

Anyway, that settled, we will proceed to lay bare the issues
that focused on contracts and the alleged sale of them

In the interest of the discussion and for the lay mind to
have a fair appreciation and comprehensive understanding of the issues, we will
make it possible as simple as possible.

At the end of it all, it will be necessary for us all to
appreciate further the fact that whilst we all can rely on some Journalist to
come out with the most damning revelations with the hope of ridding society of
inappropriate practices, all of us will also come to agree that the persons
involved will be supported to take all actions legal and necessary against such
Journalists in the event that they get it wrong; which is clearly the case in
this PPA much-ado-about nothing.

Manasseh sought to portray emphatically the award and
subsequent sale of 15 contracts by Talents Discoveries Limited.

The issue here is, Yes, Manasseh did not not just cough up
the number 15 to make a case of it. But had it probably not been the rush to go
and break the news or to state the bring-him-down thirst of his sponsors, he
would have so easily realised how and why the number 14 came up is in no way
related to the sale of any contract by TDL.

Now, these are the details;

• TDL has on 15 occasions placed Restrictive Tendering
applications to entities for subsequent approval by PPA in the last 20 months.

• Out of the 15, they have lost 7 of those applications or

• They won 6 of them

• The remaining two are still being vetted and undergoing
due procedure.

• The simple arithmetic therefore is 7+6+2=15

• It is worthy of further notice that of all the 6 that TDL
won, TDL has executed or completed 4 of them, work on remaining 2 is still
ongoing and at varying stages towards completion.

• TDL won or lost its contract bids at the entity level. The
PPA does not by law award contracts.

• Of all the contracts TDL won or lost, TDL competed on
merit and has gone ahead to execute those contracts successfully, all by

By the foregoing statistics, it is clear that Manasseh got
it all wrong. Again.

Key questions therefore quickly come to mind;

1. What 15 contracts are being reported as sold? Can
Manasseh name them?

2. Who or which entities were those 14 contracts sold to and
at what price?

Manasseh lied by stating expressly to Ghanaians and the
world in his video that the minimum value of the contracts TDL allegedly sold
was GhC22million. This is a deliberate lie and complete falsehood that only a
hired assassin’s desperation to rush Mr AB Adjei to the guillotine will invent.
Our sources have shown that the minimum and more importantly the biggest ever
contract TDL has ever won was GhC1.99million. Some of their contracts were as
low as GhC70,000.

How can a man who through his diligence n loyalty to the
state saved the nation a colossal amount of GhC2.75billion within a space of 31
months upon assumption of office be destroyed through such a cheap, blood
thirsty, avaricious hatchet men in the name of investigative journalism?

Obviously, the prepared torch against Mr AB Adjei could not
guarantee the inferno to burn him to the ground. The compelling details, as
shown above, tells us all that it is just a matter of time, Mr. AB Adjei’s
position in this matter may most likely see him vindicated.

Ghanaian brows must rise up to the rude awakening that, the
plurality of such avaricious elements breeding all around will cause men of
integrity and experience to shy away from serving as public officers.

Jayden Yoofi Blay

Freelance Journalist

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