NDC’s ‘campaign of falsehood’ shows lack of purpose – NPP

General News of Thursday, 12 September 2019

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play videoJohn Boadu, General Secretary of the NPP

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has taken on the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) over what it describes as “campaign of falsehood” by the party.

According to the NPP, the NDC’s conduct smacks of lack of purpose and unseriousness.

The NPP’s General Secretary, John Boadu, at a press conference in Accra challenged some of the recent claims by the NDC that NPP government is corrupt.

He said the claims of corruption in the government by the NDC were baseless and upon serious scrutiny will be found to be lies.

“Everybody must feel free to interrogate Government actions, but the NDC’s campaign of falsehood and mischievous political intent really fails the test of serious and purposeful governance,” John Boadu said.

The NPP government has recently come attack from the NDC over its corruption record.

The NDC, which is seeking to unseat the NPP in the upcoming election through various media including a recent press conference addressed by its General Secretary, Johnson Asiedu Nketia said;

“The records show that President Akufo-Addo is yet to show the level of courage showed by his predecessor in the fight against corruption. He lacks the temperament and courage of his convictions to take any far-reaching steps.”

The NDC general secretary was responding to the President’s comment at the Ghana Bar Conference in Takoradi that he had never independently declared any official innocent in instances where they were alleged to be involved in corrupt deals but upon competition of investigations by appropriate bodies.

“All the talk of his incorruptibility on accounts of age and his life experiences are only artificial creations designed to clothe him in borrowed garments while he presides over the biggest heist in Ghana’s political and governance history. The anger is a clear indication that the patience of Ghanaians is wearing thin and unless a dramatic change in the posture of the president is witnessed, we could be in for gloomy times,” Asiedu Nketiah added.

But John Boadu in reaction at the NPP press conference said the government will not be swayed by the claims of the NPP but remain focused and will use the relevant state institutions to fight corruption.

“It is a shame that this message does not seem to have sunk in for the NDC. I suppose if you have been doing the same unimaginative and destructive thing for the past twenty-seven years, the longest any single entity has ruled in Ghana since independence, it is difficult to switch gears and come up with truly innovative thinking and action,” he said.

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