Here are 5 ways to do PDA that’s actually cute, not disgusting

They’re those touches, kisses, hand holding and other acts of love you do with other people around and you really don’t care whether or not they watch or witness.

PDA as it is more conveniently called has no doubt become more prominent with the popularity of all the social media platforms everyone now ceaselessly uses.

Since it’s something so common, and apparently so desirable, how does one go about this both in real life situations and online without overdoing it and disgusting other people?

1. Kissing is cute PDA

If you don’t mind doing it in public, then, fine. Just keep the tonguing at the most minimal.

And if you must share it on social media, once in a while is the best way to go about it. You can post as many cheek kisses as possible though.

Hand holding, cuddles, embraces and snuggling up to each other are really cute and inoffensive, too.

Kissing is cute PDA. And you can pull it off without being annnoying or distasteful.

2. Be considerate of others

It goes without saying that if the people around you are starting to get uncomfortable about it, it may be time to actually stop, particularly if you’re being gross about it.

3. Make it look good

You know, because anything worth doing at all should be done very well. You don’t want your picture appearing on Instagram blog pages looking like this:

Don’t kiss ugly if you are kissing in public [Credit RadioJambo]

4. Do only what your partner likes

Your partner may be cool with PDA but only to a certain extent. You may love some ass-grabbing but your partner does not like being groped like that in public. And that should be OK because, even in relationships, people have boundaries and you should learn to respect that.

As for social media, watch the words you use if you are writing about your partner on social media. Don’t give out too much information that my either haunt you, or make your partner feel awkward or embarrassed.

If you must do PDA, you better make it look good! [Credit: Shutterstock]

5. It’s PDA, not outdoor porn!

No need for indecent exposure or other outrageous acts. Always try to avoid heavy petting, or dipping your hands in your partner’s most intimate parts. Leave out that part till you are behind closed doors.

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