Ho Rotary Club, Forestry commission plant 950 trees

The Rotary Club of Ho and the Forestry Commission have jointly planted 950 treas along the stretch from the youth resource centre under construction to Mawuli School within the Ho Municipality.

The joint effort between the Rotary Club of Ho and the Forestry commission saw over forty people drawn from the two organizations planting and caging the trees along the stretch.

George Agbenorwoshi, the district manager for the Forestry commission praised the Rotary commission for the initiative to plant trees noting that “People don’t normally partner with the Forestry Commission when undertaking tree planting exercises causing the trees planted not to survive because they are often planted without any expertise”.

Mr Agbenorwoshie who bemoaned the impious encroachment on the Kabakaba forest reserve called on the municipal assembly to take immediate action.

“The country’s forest reserve is being lost at a rather alarming rate and the consequences are far-reaching. One of the forest reserves we have is the Kabakaba forest reserve which is being encroached on with impunity. The Municipal assembly needs to take action before the situation worsens. I also encourage people buying lands around there to always ask from the forestry commission otherwise, the law will catch up with them unmercifully,” George Agbenorwoshi told Citi News.

The president of the Rotary Club of Ho, Kartey Kumordji said the initiative falls under one of the Rotary Club’s six areas of focus which is ‘economic and community development’.

He said the members of the Ho Rotary Club have noticed the increasing spate of development which is quickly replacing the trees that hitherto canopied almost all streets of the Ho township.

“Rotarians are people of action who work at solving society’s challenges to the best of their capabilities. One challenge we have seen is that development is fast clearing our green cover and the rising number of cars on the roads emitting carbon dioxide is not helping the situation thus the need to plant trees…I always say; back in the day when we were young, almost all of the streets had green vegetation canopies over them but that is not the situation today. The town is becoming hotter by the day and we realised we need to take action and contribute our quota to curbing the impact of climate change and global warming in our small way,” Mr Kumordji noted.

Rotary is a global network of 1.2 million-plus people forming who team up to work towards solving some of the world’s problems including eradicating polio.

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