Ghanaians dislike products with local names – Caveman watches CEO

General News of Tuesday, 23 July 2019



Caveman watches is a wholly-owned Ghanaian watch manufacturing company

The Chief Executive Officer of Caveman watches Anthony Dzamefe has said Ghanaians don’t appreciate products with local names.

According to him, he settled for his brand name after careful consideration of how Ghanaians react to local products that have indigenous brand names.

“I monitored and noticed how Ghanaians love names of foreign products and brands even when we don’t know their meanings and origin but we kind of look down on products that have local names even if they are quality, but that is changing now. Now it looks like we are beginning to like our local names.

“I noticed how Ghanaians appear crazy about huge foreign brand names but sometimes will retreat from buying a great product once they noticed it was produced in Ghana, so looked and chose a name that appears foreign but greatly connects to the African roots,” he told Morning Starr host Francis Abban on the Time with the CEOs segment of the Morning Starr Monday.

Dzamefe shared an experience of how some clients settled on Caveman watches among other notable international brands on display but quickly beat a retreat once they noticed that it was produced by a Ghanaian.

Caveman watches is a wholly-owned Ghanaian watch manufacturing company launched in December 2018. The CEO said he and his team have built the capacity to supply over 1000 watches in the shortest possible time if the demand is made on them.

On support for entrepreneurs, he urged young business owners not to count on a perceived automatic help from established people in society but on their inner strength and passion.

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