Re: No Contribution No Chop | Politics

We have observed with grave concern a recent statement in the media attributed to the National Chairman of the NDC, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, on the above subject.

Ordinarily, NPP would have allowed such infantile statement to die naturally. However, as responsible stakeholders we cannot be oblivious to the nuances and the corrupt intent espoused by the NDC National Chairman.

A report filed by quoted the NDC National Chairman, Ofosu Ampofo, to the effect that should Ghanaians vote to return the NDC to power, they will run a quote, ” NO CONTRIBUTION, NO CHOP GOVERNMENT”.

We all know that NDC has a sordid image when it comes to perpetuation of corrupt practices on Ghanaians, and in 2016 voters nationwide rejected their incompetence and corruption by voting massively for the NPP.

The NDC National Chairman, through his “no contribution, no chop” policy, is once again reminding the entire nation that in the unlikely event of the party returning to power again, they will run a “chop chop” government by once again dipping their hands into the National coffers for their own selfish interests.

The NPP prides itself as a responsible steward of Ghana’s national resources, and we will continue to work assiduously to project Ghana on all fronts of national development and inclusiveness.

We entreat Ghanaians to speak up, and condemn such corrupt and irresponsible policies of the NDC, by rejecting them again at the polls in 2020.

We reject “Chop Chop” politics.

Yaw Preko
Deputy Director of Communications NPP

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