Reduce plastic Waste and Littering by Taxing Plastic Bag Producers More

The issue of flooding in the capital of Ghana, Accra has ceased to end as worse experiences keep occurring.

Whom do we blame for the irregularities, some will say the residents, others will say the assembly.

Have we thought of diversifying our mode of packaging?

How cheap are polythene bags and how can that cheapness cause the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) to spend more on cure than prevention.

Plastic bags have choked gutters in so many parts of Accra and its surroundings and this trend has led to annual flooding, loss of property as most people even die out of it.

The issue has never been better and won’t be if we don’t balloon the cost of polythene bags in Ghana.

The cost of a junk of polythene bags cost less than a cedi and with the harm that low amount can cause will make you marvel.

Why won’t the Government channel taxes to that end to make it a bit difficult and expensive to come by polythene bags if only they mean to end flood, cost has always diverted the attention of majority and by making it expensive you’ll have fewer people going for polythene bags often and disposing them regularly in sensitive places like gutters to block passage of water which later leads to flooding.

Polythene bags have been our worse enemy as most are disposed into big gutters with the mindset of water flush them away. Burning them will worsen Ozone layer depletion, leading to insufficient rainfall and worse equinox.

Burying them will make our soil infertile for agric activities as the chemical components decompose slowly and blocks the passage of water through the soil layers, it takes a polythene bag a minimum of 10years to completely decompose.

Keeping them will only occupy space as they don’t increase in value.

By: Tuorimuo Elvis Philip

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