Busts on animal smuggling surge in Shanghai


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/GNA) – Customs in eastern China’s Shanghai city had a surge in busting
smuggling cases involving endangered animals and products in the first four
months of this year, local customs authorities announced Friday.

A total of 92
illegal smuggling cases were reported in the port city from January to April,
10 times that of last year, according to Li Qing, an official with Shanghai

Customs has
seized over 10 kg of ivory products, 316 kg of pangolin scales and 518 tonnes
of precious red sandalwood as well as hawksbill turtle specimens and dried sea
horses, among others, Li added.

smuggling is often carried out on a relatively small scale by tourists, Chinese
workers working or living overseas or small parcels. Most of the smuggled
products came from Nigeria, Britain, Italy, Japan and some Southeast Asian

China has been
intensifying its efforts in wildlife protection over the years. On Dec. 31,
2016, China declared it would enforce a complete stop to its domestic ivory
trade within a year. On Dec. 31, 2017, processing or selling ivory and its
products were officially banned in China as part of its commitment to
protecting wild animals.


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