Kwaw Kese threatens to slap Tinny for ‘whack rapper’ comment

Hiplife artiste Tinny has been getting some jabs thrown at him from rappers Kwaw Kese and D Black after he called the duo whack.

On Friday, April 26, Kwaw Kese in an interview on Hitz FM threatened to slap Tinny for calling him whack.

Kwaw Kese told Dr Pounds, Tinny made such comments only to trend on social media.

The rapper said he did not appreciate his name being dragged through the mud just for another artiste to gain fame from it.

Kwaw Kese referred to Tinny as a dead goat stating the hiplife artiste just wants to ride on his name to resurrect his dead career.

The rapper was also angry Tinny called him out on the awards in wheelbarrow stunt he pulled at the 2017 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA).

Kwaw Kese in 2017 at the VGMA appeared at the red carpet with his awards in a wheelbarrow claiming to be selling them.

Tinny in an interview with Dr Pounds on Hitz Gallery on Hitz FM said the action was an insult to all artiste in Ghana.

Kwaw Kese told Dr Pounds on Friday, Tinny has no awards to his name even though he (Tinny) was in the music scene before him.

According to Kwaw Kese, Tinny still lives with his mother in her house with all his 5 children, yet he has the guts to insult him.

The rapper, who was furious during the interview, said if Tinny has the guts to call him whack, he (Tinny) should not smile whenever they meet up else he (Kwaw Kese) would beat Tinny up.

Kwaw Kese said if the artiste can be brave and run his mouth on radio, he should be brave and ready to fight when they meet.

Also, D Black refused to do a collaboration with the Tinny after he received a message from the artiste saying the comment was to create a hype.

The rapper did not appreciate Tinny use his name to ride the fame.

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