NDC North America Accuses EC Of Acting Shady On ROPAA

The NDC Professionals Forum – North America has noted with concern, the inane cosmetic engagement with the so-called stakeholders in the diaspora on the Representation of the People Amendment Act (ROPAA) by the Electoral Commission. The supposed independent constitutional body is clearly acting shady on this important democratic exercise.

We, by this statement, reiterate our support for the implementation of ROPAA to allow qualified Ghanaians in the diaspora exercise their franchise to terminate the reign of deceit President Akufo-Addo and his vice have visited on Ghanaians.

However, we will not stand aloof while the EC ridicules Ghana’s democracy with staged consultations with unknown Ghanaian diaspora community. It is even more ridiculous when the Director Diaspora Affairs at the Office of the President speaks for the diaspora community. We respect the authority vested in the EC by the constitution regarding diaspora elections, but we cannot tolerate their indiscretion and poor judgement.

The EC has still not come up with the modalities, and if it is indeed waiting for input from the diaspora community, who are those diaspora stakeholders? How was the selection done?

The NDC Professional Forum-North America wish to remind the EC that, in this all-important matter of implementing ROPAA, the stakes are high, and interest groups in the diaspora cannot be overlooked. Openness and inclusiveness must guide their decisions to ensure credibility. Too many interest groups exist in the diaspora for the EC to engage in this sensitive process. Any attempt to foist skewed implementation processes on us will be vehemently resisted. They should allow reason to prevail at the onset.

We further caution that the EC is treading dangerously on slippery grounds with its continuous flirtations with the Director for Diaspora Affairs at the incumbent President’s Office. We need to know who form the supposed diaspora community; not just political groupings such as NDC and NPP that “will work out and present tangible position paper towards the implementation of the law,” as quoted to have been said by a presidential appointee at a stakeholder’s engagement.

We still demand the immediate publication of the modalities for the operationalization of ROPAA so it could be scrutinized at by a respected representation of the diaspora community which transcends political leanings. God bless our homeland Ghana!

Arnold Appiah – President

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