Man to sue his Primary School teachers over unnecessary lessons not used in real world

A man has found a reason to drag his primary school teachers before court for simple reason that the things he was thought in the primary school are not  used in the real world and that he wasted his time studying them in the first place.

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The 27-year-old Zambian has posted a nine-minute video of
himself complaining that his teacher’s deceived him by taught him things that
do not apply in society.

He says he is shocked that teachers were busy teaching him things
X + Y = 23 when all the formulas are not applying in society.

Robert Chikwanda feels that his parents have been robbed because not even bank accountants use the English of rewrite.

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“To all my teachers who taught me I’m taking you to court
for robbing my parents’ money. You were busy teaching me rewrites in English,
Starch, X + Y = 23 when none of the above is applying in society. In banks we
don’t use rewrites. I feel you taught me things that you knew could not add
value in society” complained Chikwanda. Zoure/2019

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