Maid cooks her boss’ food with URINE for MONTHS in a bid to win his heart

In her bid to topple her boss and ensure that she becomes the legitimate wife of the man she has been working for over the years, a maid has been caught red-handed using urine to cook for the man.

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It is not immediately known which where
this dastardly act was committed by the maid shared on a relationship platform
on Facebook, but her explanation was that she had been directed by her mother
to perform rituals with her urine for her boss to divorce his wife so that he
can marry her.

Only identified as Emelia she is
quoted as saying “Mum told me he
would marry me if I did that for one year”

Following the unfolding of the story,
married women have been warned to be extra careful of their maids as they may
come across the same situation in their respective marriages.

The issue has dominated various social
media platforms with sections linking it to a recent case in Ghana where a
woman confessed, she prepares fufu and palm nut soup, her husband’s favourite
food, with the blood from her menstruation, which is usually shortened as

This, she does as a form of revenge for an ordeal her husband made her go through and she said she felt at peace anytime she watches her husband eating the menses food.

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Her whole story was just too much that
relationship expert, David Papa Bondze-Mbir had to share it with a warning. Zoure/2019

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