Niche launches niche chocolate bites in 12 delicious flavours

Niche Confectionery, Ltd. is a privately owned Ghanaian chocolate manufacturer based in Tema.

It has recently expanded its portfolio of chocolates to include bite-size pieces, appropriately called Niche chocolate bites.

Niche chocolate bites were introduced to the Ghanaian market in December 2018 in response to consumers’ request that Niche chocolates be more affordable and therefore more accessible to all Ghanaians.

The smaller sizes will also boost a culture of gift-giving and promote brand awareness as bites are given as hotel snacks and included in airline meals.

Niche chocolate bites are available in all 12 varieties already sold as 100g bars: Extra Dark (72% cocoa), Dark (56% cocoa), Milk (38% cocoa), and nine milk chocolate flavors: Coconut, Ginger, Orange, Strawberry, Banana, Mango, Lime, Honey, and Coffee.

Each of the 12 Niche varieties is sold in five-bite packs totaling 62.5g which sell for GHS 6.

Also available are two types of 24-bite packs: one is variety pack with all nine milk chocolate flavors, and the second pack contains Dark 56% cocoa bites for serious Dark Chocolate lovers.

The quality and design of the NICHE packaging continues to reflect Niche’s premium position and is defined by strong national pride and heritage: The tagline, Taste of Ghana, is a testament to the 100% premium Ghana cocoa used in all Niche products. The gold logo and design on each pack reflect Ghana’s tradition of gold and royalty, while the Adinkra symbol evokes Ghana’s strong local culture and heritage.

With Niche chocolate bites available in many flavors and sizes, Niche now provides indigenous Ghanaian products of world class quality that are accessible to all Ghanaians. Niche Confectionery, Ltd. will continue this vision with the introduction of chocolate spreads and drinks by the end of 2019.

About Niche 

Niche Confectionery, Ltd. is the sister company of Niche Cocoa Industry, Ltd., a 100% Ghanaian-owned cocoa processing company that began operations in 2011 with the conversion of Ghana cocoa beans into semi-finished products for export — specifically cocoa liquor, butter, cake and powder.

Chocolate bar production began in March 2016, and Niche Confectionery was established in 2018 as a stand-alone company, focused on chocolates and chocolate-based confectioneries which are produced fully in Ghana using 100% Ghana cocoa beans.

Both Niche Cocoa Industry, Ltd. and Niche Confectionery, Ltd. are ISO 22001 certified.

By: Niche Confectionery

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