Goosie’s team wants printing of ballots papers halted

Goosie Tanoh

The Goosie Tanoh Campaign Team is demanding the immediate halt of the printing of ballot papers for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) upcoming presidential election.

The election is scheduled for February 23, 2019, but the team says the party has failed to put in place the systems and structures for the redress of grievances.

The Communications Director for Goosie Tanoh, Abdul Nasser Alidu, who is also a member of the NDC’s Joint Technical Committee set up to clean the register, outlined some concerns to Citi News.

“How many ballots are you printing? If you want to have agents in there, what exactly are the guidelines governing how they are going to monitor the ballot papers?”

“So for instance, today, if an agent is unhappy with the process, who do they complain to? There is no process for that. Because if they complain to the printer, the printer will tell them, I have no contract with you.”

Mr. Nasser Alidu also noted that his team was not even privy to the number of the primary.

“At this stage, what is the basis of printing the ballots? We don’t know the basis. We haven’t see the notice of polls, we don’t have the number of voters so what is the basis of printing the ballots?”

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