Divine Presby Church Gets New Session Members

A 17 – Member Session of the Divine Presbyterian Church, Anyaa, was on Sunday inaugurated to be officially recognized within the church.

The Session, in the Presbyterian Church plays a major role in the activities of the church, during church service, visitation and evangelism. They serve as the leaders of the church in decision making on activities that build the church.

The District Minister, Rev. Jeremia Davidson Agyemfra, who inaugurated the group, admonished the members to serve the church in a consecrated way to attract more people to Christ. He said “You have been chosen to serve in the Church of Christ and to serve His people. You are therefore expected to support activities that will help build the church and also win more souls to Christ”.

Further in a sermon on the theme ‘Be a Disciple of Christ’, Rev. Agyemfra, mentioned that “although only a few people are elected as leaders of the church, it is the responsibility of all including the congregation to help build the church”.

He also advised the newly inaugurated Session Members to listen to the advice of the past members adding that “you should also give listening ears to the congregation especially on suggestions that will help build the church, visit members who are not frequently seen at church”.

The Minister in charge, Rev. Onyameba Bekoe Boafo, advised the new Session Members to be prayerful in order to receive the direction of God and His strength for their assigned roles.

The Senior Presbyter, Mr. Enoch Dwomor Asante, called on all Presbyters both old and new, and the congregation to work in unity and togetherness. According to him “we can only build the Church of Christ in togetherness and an understanding with the help of the most High God”.

The session members will be serving the church for the next four (4) years. Outgoing Session members were also congratulated for their hard work and commitment during their service to the church. They were also advised to guide the new members to deliver.

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