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With notable features with the likes of the ”Koko” hit maker, E.L, and also one of the top female vocalists in the Ghanaian music industry, Efya, Bryan The Mensah is fast paving his path to the top with his professed “Contemporary music”.

The name Bryan The Mensah cannot be left out when mentioning upcoming artistes whose works are currently in circulation; more so with the fact that he was part of the initial hundred who were recognised by Mr Eazi in his “Empower Africa” movement.

On the 28th of January 2019, yesterday, on the X-Jam show with Host Thompson C D Nortey, Bryan The Mensah had very interesting thoughts on the ever present complaint among upcoming artistes that those in mainstream don’t support them.

“I don’t know why some upcoming artistes feel like it’s the responsibility of the mainstream artistes to push them…If they don’t like you, there’s no foundation for them to feel like they wanna help you”.

These few, among many, were the words he said in response to the question “what he thinks about the notion that mainstream artistes don’t support the upcoming ones enough?”. 

Coincidentally, the artiste has a song titled “Assumptions”, which takes a dive into some of the “unwarranted” complaints by some upcoming artistes. There is a line in that song that translates into the need for upcoming artistes to literally step out of their houses and go to places and also meet people that will somewhat enhance their pursuit towards their musical dreams.

“I feel like you should read more. It’s just like how if you wanna become a doctor, you go to medical school. There is a need to learn everything we can about music, the industry and then implement it.”

These were his comments when asked by the Host Thompson C D Nortey what his advice to fellow upcoming artistes was.

About his take on the industry as a whole he said, ” I think we are gradually getting there; wherever it is we wanna get.”

Bryan the Mensah is an artiste and producer based in Accra, Ghana, and he considers his style of music more towards the inspirational, social and personal experiences end.

He currently moves in between his music career, his studies for an I.T degree at Blue Crest College, and also running his Graphic and Web Design company called “Plegishes”.

About his inspiration, Bryan the Mensah mentioned artistes both locally and globally, such as Sarkodie, E.L, Manifest, Post Malone, Drake, A.K.A, and Nasty C, among a few others.

He would also like to work with the same in the near future.

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