We’ll uproot you like cassava

Residents of the Ningo-Prampram say they are tired of the
deteriorating nature of the inner city roads, and have therefore warned a
demonstration will hit the town if the District Assembly refuses to work on the
roads, which, according to reports, are ruining vehicles at alarming rights.

Last week Thursday, on the Kpo-Ete road, few yards away from
the popular Sea Lane/Golden Beach route, a tipper truck trying to swerve
massive potholes on the road nearly hit a couple on their way from work.

“That road is so bad you have to just drive with caution,” a
resident said. “Just last week a tipper truck nearly killed some people on
their way home-how can we leave a community like this with this awful road,” he
added in anger.

The said road leads to beach front hotels such as Golden
Beach, Prams Cottage, Ocean Green, the Palms and La Tua Villa. And visitors are
often forced to drive through to these places with extra care.

MyNewsGh.com spent four days in the city during the holiday
and most of the residents he spoke to expressed anger at the lack of commitment
on the part of the District Assembly to fix the roads, though several appeals
have been made to them.

“We have a DC (District Chief Executive) who does not care
about such basic things,” one resident, a woman who said her daughter was
nearly hit by a swerving vehicle, said. “We had an MP for 20 years and if you
look at the DC, a young man, you would have expected some proactiveness on his
part but he seems to be sleeping on the job.”

“How much will it take to even get a grader to level the
road, how much,” another resident, Kofi Nartey, said with clinched fist.

The District Chief Executive, Jonathan Teye Doku, was
unavailable for comment. But other residents appear unimpressed by him.

“We are not asking him to fix the heavens for us,” a
fisherman said. “He is young and we expected that he will offer something
different from the total waste of time under ET Mensah, but he is turning out
to be just another version of him,” he said.

When asked what the MP, Samuel George, is doing to help fix
the road. The Fisherman, in the company of other colleagues, said he is “maybe
waiting for elections before he comes with another version of promises and how
his party is not in power so he cannot work do much.”

“Your party is not in power so you cannot even bring the plight of the constituents to the attention of the authorities for them to show leadership,” he quipped. 

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Other roads that the residents raised concerns about include
the one starting from Miotso Junction towards the old Prampram Senior High
School and City Excape Hotel. The potholes have been evenly spread and vehicles
coming from opposite direction have to be careful or risk running into each
other-a situation that could lead to major accidents.

Source:MyNewsGh.com/Stephen Zoure/2019

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