Doreen Baffoe lists 10 types of workers easily recognized and promoted

Doreen Baffoe

It seems the times of the conventional ways of promoting workers in organizations are fast facing out.

A new mode, which is recognizing employees with exceptional skills and promoting them is also catching up rapidly with employers.

On day 3 of the third week of Citi FM’s Effective Living Series, Career Success coach, Doreen Baffoe, who spoke on Climbing Up on the Ladder, gave a detailed lecture on the dynamics of moving up at the workplace, and why individuals must work in a manner that counts.

According to her, employees who easily get recognized and promoted are those who are:

1.Solution Engineers – Employees who identify challenges, work around those challenges, and fix them and turn things around.

2.Service and sales oriented -Workers who build relationships and provide after sales and customer service to consumers.

3.Prepared for their roles – These individuals prepare for the roles they want. They aim, live and look up to people already in those roles and make themselves available when such roles are available.

4.Selling their contribution stories to the business – Such employees deliberately speak to their contributions to the company. Afterwards, they keep track of how they are making an impact in the organisation, measure it and are promoted for the change they have caused.

5.Taking advantage of available opportunities – Workers see and go in for opportunities available. They usually don’t give up but take advantage of opportunities available in the organisation.

6.Asking for opportunities– Employees who realise that their scope within the organisation has shot up and walk to their managers and boldly ask for promotion.

7.Masters of the art by ruling over their emotions – Workers who self-regulate their emotions are easily recognised just because it is their positive reaction to how people behave towards them.

8.Actively involved – Employees who have value systems that compel them to be actively involved in areas that are not pertained to their assigned roles, yet are doing well on their man job. Employers can usually count on such workers.

9.Learners of the business – These individuals understand how the business makes money, acquire knowledge in that regard to modify their behaviours and that of others to ensure that the impact of the bottom line of the business is achieved.

10. Meaningfully working – Employees are committed to work. They see the work as a ministry, possess positive energy and embodies all the other type of workers.

Doreen Baffoe further encouraged employees to give off their best and be happy in the organisation in all circumstances.

“If you dislike your job, do it so well that you can move.”

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