Sogakope man, 35, ‘destroys’ 10 year old girl with huge manhood; threatens her with Juju

A Thirty-Five (35) year-old man, Harrison Ahorgba has been arrested by the Sogakope District police for allegedly defiling a 10-year-old class 4 pupil, can report.

The family of Ahorgba, who are neighbours and family friends to the little girl’s family have launched an attack on the victim’s family warning, threatening them with violence and death should the court jail Harrison Ahorgba for defilement.

The defilement was confirmed after an NGO discovered a problem with the little girl and forced her to speak. Hospital report confirmed sperms in her genital aside severe bruises the victim suffered in her private part as a result of forced penetration, learnt.

The ten-year-old girl Woelinam (not her real name) is a pupil of Mafi Zongo E.P Basic School in the Central Tongu District of the Volta Region.
Mother of Woelinam, alleged the girl has been bleeding for some time with some discharge which she attempted treating over the period without success.
“My daughter has been discharging some time with no remedy from the locally prepared medicines. It was until an NGO through their health screening discovered that my little girl broke the news of sexual abuse and referred the little girl to the Comboni Hospital at Sogakope before they drew our attention”. The mother told’s Fred Duhoe.
“I was totally scandalized and as I speak currently I’m traumatized” the worried mother divulged to

Speaking to young Woelinam, she said the man abused her severally and severely and threatened her to remain mute. “He (Harrison Ahorgba) skept with me severely and I’ve had bruises in my vagina. I feel pain always in school. I bleed always in my panties but I couldn’t tell my parents because of the threat to kill me (with juju) if I dare”.

Threats and harassment
Narrating the ordeal they currently face at home, mother of Woelinam said she can’t even eat or sleep for the fear that the victim’s family may launch some attack on them.

“Their (Wobube Harrison Ahorgba) house is just opposite ours and we are subjected to insults on daily basis. The family members keeps threatening us in attempt to compel us to bury the case but we have no say in the case because the NGO (Compassion) has taken up the matter.

“We’re extra careful in our going to farm for fear of attacks on the way. I really feel like running away from the town to have my peace with the kids”.

Police reports available to’s Fred Duhoe confirmed accused was arrested by the police last Monday, December 16, 2018, while the Domestic Violence Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the Ghana Police service is handling the matter.

While the victim’s school officials have declined comment on the matter, because they claim it didn’t happen in school, it is important to note the fact that, Woelinam confirms that she was lured during school hours usually during the long break period on a number of occasions and abused on the bare floor at home.
Information gathered by Fred Duhoe reveals the young girl is by extension related to the victim hence attempt is being made to have the case withdrawn from the police for “home settlement”.

The NGO in question (Compassion) when contacted confirm leading the arrest of the man but won’t progress to make further comments.
Compassion has been in the districts for years championing agenda of education of children and the wellbeing of families through various forms of social support.
Source: Fred Duhoe/ Volta Region/ 2018

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