Supreme Court dismisses lawsuit on new regions referendum

The Supreme Court has given clearance to the Electoral Commission to hold its referendum in selected areas earmarked for the creation of new regions.

This follows the dismissal of a suit seeking to challenge the decision of the EC to only allow residents in the affected areas to vote in the referendum.

According to the Justices of the Supreme Court, there is no genuine or real issue for interpretation as the constitution states unambiguously, the discretionary power given to the Electoral commission.

The Justices also said the Commission of Enquiry did not err in suggesting how the referendum should held as they did not hold the final authority to decide.

The plaintiffs, Mayor Agblexe, Destiny Awlimey, and Jean-Claude Koku Amenyaoglo, were seeking an interpretation of article five of the 1992 constitution which  states the procedure for the creation of new regions.

They further asked for clarity on who is qualified to vote in the referendum regarding the creation of the new regions specifically the Oti Region.

Meanwhile, lawyer for the plaintiffs, Albert Quarshigah, has expressed disappointment at the decision of the court.

Speaking to the media Mr. Quashigah said the hold a contrary view.



By: Fred Djabanor | | Ghana

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