Vitamilk Ghana provides hip replacement surgeries to residents of Koforidua

Vitamilk Ghana in collaboration with a team of astute surgeons from abroad has rolled out the operation walk campaign to conduct free hip replacement surgeries.

This program was organised for residents in Koforidua suffering from joint arthritis at the St. Joseph Orthopaedic Hospital.

This is one of the many projects that Vitamilk Child Malnutrition Foundation has embarked on to give back to the Ghanaian Society.

Hip replacement surgery is a surgical procedure done to replace damaged hip joints with metal implants. Severe arthritis wears down the bone resulting in stiffness, pain, and limited range of motion. Therefore, hip pain or fracture in hip joint therefore the replacement of joints is required.

Although joint arthritis is prevalent among the old, many young people in their 20’s and 30’s suffer arthritis. This is because many people in Ghana carry the sickle cell anaemia genetic abnormality, which causes an erosion of the hip bone.

According to Dr Seth Greenky, this is the most difficult hip replacement cases experienced surgeons face and even with their laudable experience it takes some level of skills to be able to carry it out. The team of surgeons were able to operate on 46 patients with 90% successful procedures without complications.

Madam Elizabeth a teacher who is a beneficiary of the campaign shared her story of how this campaign has enabled her go back to her teaching job.

According to her, four months after child birth she noticed symptoms of arthritis which became worse after visiting several hospitals without a solution to her ailment.

She narrated how the difficulty in walking and bending made her quit her teaching job which she loves so much. She expressed her appreciation to Vitamilk for taking on this initiative which has restored her health.

Vitamilk Child malnutrition foundation and Gentle giants the importers of Vitamilk have pledged to collaborate with the team of surgeons to make this a yearly project.

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