Are You An HR Manager? Here Are Tips To Help You Get Top Talents

How do you avoid making mistake as a HR Manager in your company? The following may help;

  • Be thorough with the job description: To avoid such disappointments with candidates or getting the wrong candidates on board, you should include all that is needed in the job description and not just a bit of it yet. At the same time, do not expect to get a candidate that fits 100% within your desired profile. Rather, make a clear distinction between the must-haves in a candidate and the added advantages. This way, you will always make the critical qualities priority.
  • Consult people with experience: Consult employees and unit heads of concerned departments to provide the appropriate job description relevant to the company. What some hiring managers have failed to realise that industries evolve over time and they may not be aware of the additional skills needed to match these changes.
  • Documentation is essential: Carry out constant job analysis of all distinct roles in the company and keep a document that you can always refer to when needed and always update the document.
  • Talent counts: Always look out for talent and not just employees or the right candidates. Qualities (both innate and learned/acquired) stand out in candidates during the interviews. You might be too engrossed with the CV to notice hidden talents that might be relevant to the organisation.
  • Use a credible recruitment agency: You should also get the right recruitment agency to get you the right candidates. Successful recruitment goes beyond just placing the job adverts on job boards. It requires more! A good recruitment firm will always ask questions (the right questions) concerning the type of candidates you want and work with you throughout the process.

When hiring, leave no stone unturned, avoid disappointments, be very clear about the candidates you want; must he/she know how to play chess (which depicts or improves strategy instincts)? Include everything in the job description and step out of the circle of employers who repeatedly commit this error.

By Samod Biobaku/jobberman

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