Our wives always reach orgasm – Muslim cleric boasts

Religion of Saturday, 13 October 2018

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According to the Muslim cleric Pastors and Imams must endeavour to satisfy their wives

Listeners of Adom FM’s morning show Dwaso Nsem, on Friday, had a shock of their lives when a Muslim cleric gave a narration of how they pamper their wives in bed.

Sheikh Ishaq Nuamah said ensuring their wives reach orgasm has been sanctioned by Prophet Mohammed so they don’t have any excuses.

“We have been told by Prophet Mohammed to make our wives happy so we don’t behave like dogs in bed. Our wives always reach orgasm,” he stated.

Citing himself as an example, Sheikh Ishaq Nuamah said his four wives always shower him with accolades due to his performances in bed.

“We marry four but none of them threaten to divorce because we are sexually active. We treat our wives like queens in bed,” he added.

The Muslim scholar underscored the need for husbands, especially, pastors and Imams to devote time to satisfy their wives in bed and ensure they reach orgasm.

“I can vouch for Muslim men so if the pastors are not satisfying their wives, they should change,” Sheikh Ishaq Nuamah stated.

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