5 Things Employees Look Out For

In the era of globalisation, personnel is now a big source of a competitive advantage to modern organisations as it offers a unique chance for organisations to attain an edge over the competition.

As such, hiring managers are concerned with getting the best employees and retaining them for the good of the company.

Here are the top 5 things that employees are looking for. Salary

Employees in Ghana, like in most developing countries, are still in need of basic needs – or the physiological layer under Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

As such, most employees are looking out for jobs that offer a competitive salary that allows them to cater for their needs.

Even employees who are out of the lower strata in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs will look out for competitive salaries as it makes them feel appreciated. Job Security

Employees in most parts of the globe are concerned about their future and will therefore look out for job security when looking for potential employers.

Organisations that have a low turnover and a stable working environment are attractive to employees. Career Growth

Growth is a natural part of human progression and also applies in the organizational context.

Employees will always look out for opportunities that grow their careers and allow them to expand their knowledge and skills. It is therefore crucial to ensure the organisations offers growth opportunities for employees to pursue their professional interests at the highest levels in their specific fields of work.

Training of employees and opportunities for promotion in their organisations. Flexibility

Employees look out for employers who who consult and involve them in deciding working hours.

The younger generation is particularly concerned about flexibility in their workplaces. As such, most employees will want to work in an environment where they can achieve a balance between their professional and personal lives.

To catch the eyes of the most skilled employees, organisations are coming up with flexible working schedules such as the work from home policy. Purpose

While immediate need for most employees in Kenya is salary, organisations that offer purpose are increasingly popular. Employees are not merely concerned about money or career growth, but they also want a professional environment that provides them with a higher purpose. Most people who are looking for employment will look out for a job that offers them an opportunity to make a difference.

Luckily I have been both an employer and employee at different points in my life. As an employee, there were certain things I was looking out for which didn’t materialise. And as an employer, there were certain times I wish I knew what my staff wanted.

Upon reflection, it dawned on me that employee expectations are usually overlooked intentionally and unintentionally. This I assumed could be on the misguided premise that the employee needs the job and thus is receiving a favour from the employer.

As misguided as this notion is, the effects are unfortunately seen long when the harm has been done and the business is suffering. Don’t let this happen to your business. Avoid negative employee review and high turnovers with these simple tricks. Learn what your employees are looking out for and up your business game. Respect

Living in a conservative country has taught me how much people endorse respect. It is said that respect is earned and so if you want your employees to respect your business, then you need to set the tone by giving them respect. Respect is something that every employee looks out for.

Abusive employers are usually run out of business sooner than later. To create a good working environment in the workplace, there must be mutual respect between employers and employees as well as fellow colleges. Empowerment

Someone once said that you don’t build a business, you build people and then they, in turn, build your business. The simplest way to effect this is to provide a forum where they can voice out their concerns and opinions. Or consider establishing a reward system to show them that you value their actions. But this exercise should be monitored to prevent a situation where employees begin to determine the shape of your business. Be a leader and not a boss

When we talked of empowering your employees, we are asking you to be their leader and not the boss. As an employer, you need to be trustworthy so your employees are confident in following your lead. Employees want to be lead and not bossed around. So, roll up your sleeves, join in the task and get your hands dirty too. Give them a purpose and goal, not a monotonous routine. This would leave them uninspired and drained each day. Another way to keep them inspired is to give them responsibilities and urge them to take initiatives. Be transparent

This brings us to transparency. How can your employees view you as a leader if you seem shady enough? Keep employees in the loop about happenings in the company. This would pay off especially when the organisation encounters a crisis and a united force is necessary. Transparency is one of the things employees look out for. Security

It is import to provide a safe working environment and job security for your employees. An employee is always on the lookout for a safe place to work. Employers must strive to meet the safety and health requirements of their staff. Failure to do so could have dire consequences which could cause an emotional and financial burden on both parties.

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